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Founding Ain't I a Woman Play Festival...
 | July 26th, 2018 |

"... Janelle Renee Dunn is presenting the inaugural “Ain’t I a Woman” play festival.

In addition to offering an opportunity to up-and-comers, Dunn, who works by day as the education associate at Actors Theater of Louisville, hopes “Ain’t I a Woman” can help redress an imbalance in American theater — plays by women of color represent only a sliver of the plays produced in America."

- Eli Keel;
Directing with Smoked Apple...
 | July 14th, 2016 |
“What speaks to me is that each day I walk into this rehearsal and I get to work with nine talented black actors... And we’re not playing slaves. We’re not recreating some moment in civil rights history — and those are important aspects of our story — however, I am ready as an artist to move past that. There’s more to us than being the slave, or being Martin Luther King.”  
- Eli Keel;

The Smoked Apple Theater Group production of King Hedley II. (From left to right): Stacey Hopson, Angela D. Williams, Gary Brice, and Ezzard Mosley. Photo by Abbie Pryor.

Black Theatre in Louisville...
 | May 11th, 2016 |

"So community-based means not neglecting the city, we need the city, the community. We want to use that talent and build up, and hire from within instead of from outside.

Not to say they [the aforementioned theatres] aren't accepting [plays by black playwrights], but they aren't reaching for them. It's about creating those opportunities. Because if kids see someone like themselves onstage, you see their faces and they get so excited. We want to create that opportunity."

- Billy Flood;

Take a listen...  My story through an interview with WFPL News Louisville, in celebration of mother’s day. I discuss when my artistic journey met purpose and strength; remembering the last connection with my mother, and preparing to be a mother to my son. & Wix